Calais camp scuffles break out as 2000 refugees prepare to leave

Riot police kettle hundreds of migrants and refugees queuing for buses to take them to accommodation centres across France. Up to 2,000 people were expected to leave the Calais refugee camp on Tuesday, as isolated scuffles broke out on the second day of an attempt by the French government to clear the site.

On Monday night the UK Home Office and French officials held talks to resolve the occasionally chaotic scenes at the hangar where people queue for registration and onward transport to centres throughout France.

The French government expected to start dismantling structures in the camp at about noon.

A Home Office official in Calais said on Monday hundreds of adults had squeezed to the front of the hangar. “So we asked them to change it to this,” he said, pointing to an orderly single-file queue.

On Tuesday morning, police initially appeared to struggle as hundreds of children penned into a small area outside a processing centre became impatient and anxious to get to the front of the queue. Volunteers arrived speaking Pashto to the mainly Afghan boys and young men at the front.