EU has imposed additional sanctions on Iran, ignoring other Gulf countries with the same problems

The European Union has imposed additional sanctions on Iran for the seventh month in a row. The ultra-conservative regime in Tehran, according to the EU countries, continues to suppress dissidents and women.

The EU has been increasing pressure on Tehran since October, which has crushed the protests last autumn and continues with that repression. Protesters, political opponents and women are particularly affected. The suppressed protest movement arose after the death of a young woman who had been taken away by the morality police for allegedly not wearing her headscarf decently and demanded more freedoms.

The Union punishes a commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, five executives of a foundation that provides revenue to the guard, and two parliamentarians. The latter would have urged the killing of protesters and the further curtailment of women’s freedom. Mobile operator Ariantel is also subject to sanctions. Offenders are no longer allowed to enter the EU and can no longer access any property in the Union.

The United Kingdom has also introduced new sanctions against Iran. London punishes some of the leaders of the Revolutionary Guard.