A mission of cybersecurity experts on the way to Moldova

The European Union is sending a non-military mission of cyber experts, among others, to Moldova. They should help the country, which has a shaky Western-minded government, to thwart Russia’s attempts to undermine it.

Moldova is “one of the countries hardest hit by the consequences of the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine,” said EU foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell. Moscow would also prefer to occupy Moldova, many fear in the country sandwiched between Ukraine and Romania.

The approximately forty-strong civilian mission will take two years for the time being, the foreign ministers of the EU countries have agreed. Next month, kwartier will be made in Moldova, after which the mission could officially start on June 1. Then Moldova will host the second summit of the European political community, with leaders from about forty European countries.

The foreign ministers have also agreed to a new arsenal of sanctions aimed specifically at those who tamper with Moldova’s independence and democracy. They would like to put them in a position against, for example, Russian-minded oligarchs who are breeding for a power grab.