Empty phrases and Post-Brexit Plan

Post-Brexit Plan

Who would have expected that Europe’s peaks could have a real analysis after the Brexit, you are wrong. Phrases to phrases, the same terminology – everything except a real confrontation with Europe on Friday noticeable.

Highlight of this intellectual effusions EU Council President Donald Tusk’s truism has no doubt: “What does not kill us makes us stronger.” Phew. Even a staunch Europeans may be surprised at such a Superficial only.
Political apathy? Self-Blame!

You would like to reply to Mr Tusk: “A little bit of politics is exactly this kind of wishy-washy Statement.” But it would be too easy to reduce the reactions on the Brexit on the usual phrases.

Even if the shape of the responses is trivial, is likely to assume that content is expressed. Far from it. It almost seems as if the political Europe would not have been able to imagine in a dream that the British say “Goodbye”. Even if the Brexit has begun with the party’s internal shenanigans of Prime Minister David Cameron, is to share ways of growing Euro-scepticism in a different Society in Europe. He is fueled by such phrases only.

It applies the views of the content, a disturbing image. The UK is divided according to the Brexit deep. The “fifty-fifty”-the result reflects the turmoil in Europe. That there are no Post-Brexit-Vision, closely. The convulsive Hold on to the Faith, it would not in the end so bad, like part of the tactics of the EU grandees to Jean-Claude Juncker, and co. .

The Absence of a Post-Brexit-Vision, however, is indebted at least as much the fact that the figures in the EU heavyweights Germany and France remain still no common European policy. It is managed, responsive, and “prayed”. Since the financial and economic crisis in 2008, the design of European policy has dropped to zero.
Public appearances for the shape

Because so many of the common public performances at historic sites may change nothing: Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande have failed as the drive motor of the European Integration. The German Chancellor does this, for example, by aussitzt problems for years. Hollande has made in foreign policy, especially through his war of “Talent”…

That right-wing populists have a life not just easier, it is not dismissed out of Hand. However, this is a counter-argument at least as convincing: politicians such as Hollande and Merkel have made it to the populists by their little coordinated European policy so easy. The common compass is missing.
Grexit, anyone?

This was evident not least in the case of an event that is just a year back. Anyone still remembers the brutal Grexit discussions? Here are met – carried out on the backs of the Greeks – two European political visions to each other, can not be more different.

Austerity versus investment policy, a common fiscal policy versus tax autonomy: the “Grexit” was avoided, however, the deep cracks between the German and French European policy were already in place. The “Brexit” is the logical consequence. For too long agreed to the blackmail of David Cameron.
Anti-EU rhetoric

You do not want the British voters, they would act irrationally. However, the arguments for remaining in the EU, there are other forces at Work: The aversion to Brussels is an Amalgam of legitimate criticism, half – knowledge and the result of the long-standing Anti-EU rhetoric of many British politicians in the face of a difficult situation.

What this has to do with Merkel and Hollande? You don’t have distanced himself strong enough of this kind of EU-Bashing. The German Chancellor tolerates even someone like the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor “dictator” Orban, the conservative European people’s party (EPP). Because someone acts like Cameron, in comparison, almost cute.
Cameron, the Stänkernde

However, it is had to accurately stage the same Cameron who has gestänkert for a long time vehemently opposed to the EU – but for tactical reasons during the Brexit debate as Europeans. The result is known. Cameron is expected to adopt in October, his Job, his lot, his party is not United and the EU, with a pile of broken glass. Appeasement in matters of Anti-EU policy turns out to be a shot in the oven.

It is just the leading Duo Merkel-Hollande would be asked now. It’s more than just the usual “Now we must act United,”-phrases. It comes to convey Confidence. European visions of the future and reform should be a top priority.
“What’s next, the Brits?”

But let’s be honest: Merkel wanted to banish the Greeks a year ago, together with her Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble from the EU. Now, the Syriza-dissidents with sitting at the table, when it says: “What’s next, the Brits?”. Absurd may be the beginning of a new European future. No one should have only a second to fool ourselves that the 27 remaining EU member States, even close to a common European Vision.

“There is nothing to talk around it, today is a turning point for Europe, it is a incision for the process of European integration,” said Merkel on Friday morning. With all due respect, The Brexit is more than a nick. He is a disaster and an opportunity.
Blackmail policy

It is the Moment to break free from the British blackmail policy in Europe. It is the Moment to define Europe. It is the Moment to let the Juncker Plan with its Investment in social projects. And he is not the least the Moment, with a half-hearted, improvised European projects to stop.

National sovereignty or European solidarity? A deepening of the Eurozone or the departure of a two-speed Europe? Ultra-neo-liberal fiscal policy à la Schäuble, or a financial – and economic policy that finally the citizens of the Fears? Social brutalization or populists with convincing arguments to take the Wind out of the sails?
Right answers need the right questions

“The European Union is strong enough to give the right answers to the present day,” philosophised Merkel on Friday. In order to give the right answers, you must first of all be asked the right questions. Hopefully, Europe, and the Duo Merkel-Hollande in question.