Heavy Thunderstorms and hail possible over Luxembourg

From the North, dragging a strong thunderstorm in the direction of the South regions. This could also happen to the Grand Duchy. Meteolux calls out to the Orange alert.

After the summer, showed the national holiday from its most beautiful side, it is forfeited back to the pattern of the past few weeks. Thunderstorms, heavy rain, hail and gusty Wind on Friday in Luxembourg. The appropriate severe weather front moves from France, the Netherlands and Germany in the direction of the South.

The chances are currently high that even the Grand Duchy of get something out of it. Meteolux cried in the Morning, the Yellow Alarm. In sweltering temperatures of around 27 degrees Celsius, which can rain from the afternoon to 10 to 20 liters per square meter from the sky crackling. Still more violent in the night to Saturday. For the period from 2 to 8 p.m. Meteolux alerts with the orange Alarm. 25 to 35 liters per square meter rain it may be then fixed. For this purpose, the Wind whipped up to 110 km/h and it increased hail remains a risk.

Only on Saturday morning, the storm should be over. With the Storm it comes on the weekend, but also to a drop in temperature. More than 20 degrees will not be achieved. There are up in the middle of the week a Mix of sun, clouds and rain.