Child survives after falling from fourth floor

A three-year-old girl fell out the window of an apartment on the fourth floor in the Belgian Grenzegion. It survived the fall with a number of broken bones It could have been a tragic Sunday for Arlon: A three-year-old child has survived in the Belgian city of a fall from twelve meters in height.

The girl is like 13 watch from the window in the fourth floor of an apartment at the corner of Rue Léopold and Grand-Rue. According to the small child played on the balcony. As if by a miracle it survived the impact.

The girl suffered multiple fractures, floating but in danger to life, explained, the Luxembourg public Prosecutor’s office on Monday. “It’s a miracle it’s a miracle”, quoted by the newspaper L’avenir, a neighbor who found the child unconscious in front of the house and cried for help.