Brexit and Lobby victims


In the us house of representatives, quite an interesting thing going on currently: Deputy of the Democrats hold a Sit-in to protest against the blockade policy of the Republicans, which want to bind all of the measures for stricter gun laws.

Especially in the context of “Gun Control” you can study what happens in a democracy when industry and lobbies to buy the policy. Such politicians “represent” their voters in Parliament, but those forces which are fighting your choice and your political work in the broadest (!) Referred to Finance.

The result of such practices are paying hundreds of US voters year in and year out with their lives. In the USA there were on average eight out of ten days to a “mass shooting”, a shootout with four Taken (Dead and wounded) or more. A terrible massacre, but, because Everyday is simply something like a flat driven dog, hardly a stir.

Since the Slaughter of Orlando at 12. June are killed in the US already and a further ten people are killed by guns, and 49 have been injured. The complete macabre “hit list” can be found on But America is America: And so it is not surprising, if according to Orlando even among Homosexuals has begun the upgrade. Including the establishment of a shooting club with the beautiful name “Pink Pistols”. The fact of the matter is, however, that if begins in a dim lit or a cinema or a tavern to be an “Evil” to shoot and Weir thereat “Good” return fire, to turn the Whole thing within seconds of a General “Blue on Blue”-massacre, because in the confusion and the extreme Stress, the way it creates such a Situation, not a civilian a enough keeps cool to shoot on the Right.

It is no coincidence that in our part of the cops to be extremely careful before you open fire. What you made then sometimes, in hindsight, to reproach.

After each shooting, the boys of the gun lobby claim that the world would be if all the honest citizens like John Wayne running around, always one Hand on the knob of your “Peacemakers”, who are always ready to eradicate the Evil. This is, of course (bloody) nonsense: In a civilized community, namely the state has to have a monopoly on violence. And that is why this needs to provide its police officers and soldiers with the necessary funds available so that you can guarantee the security of its citizens as far as possible.

As far as possible, because absolute security is not in life anyway. Everyone who reads these lines, has already a much greater Chance of someone who fumbles on the steering Wheel of his cell, murdered by a stupid God warrior.