Luxembourg court sentences man to life in prison for fratricide

A 27-year-old man from Luxembourg, charged with the murder of his brother back in 2014, was sentenced to life in prison by a Luxembourg court on Thursday.

The man was convicted by the criminal chamber. According to investigations, Eric L. had poisoned his disabled brother Charly and then set his apartment on fire. Charly L.’s burnt body was later found by fire fighters who quickly suspected a crime because of two separate sources of the fire.

The public prosecution demanded life imprisonment for Eric L., a demand the criminal chamber saw befitting the crime. Eric L. was additionally convicted of paying 37,000 euros of damages to the owner of the apartment and the involved insurance company.

An alleged accomplice of Eric. L was not convicted. Public prosecution had asked two years of imprisonment, accusing Alessandro S. of having helped Eric L. preparing the crime, giving him a false alibi and helping him in an attempt to flee the country.

Alessandro S. was released of all charges by the criminal chamber on Thursday afternoon.