Luxembourg in anticipation of the Royal wedding


Crown Prince Guillaume is the last idle pretender to the throne in Europe. At the celebration, which will last two days, brought together representatives of the Royal dynasties of the world. And this Union of high society is considered to be exemplary.

They met 8 years ago at a party with mutual friends, but then permanently lost each other from sight. And when we met again, no longer parted. They are considered the perfect couple. And also rare in these times. Crown princes of European Royal houses, choosing a heart, now married for some reason only on the “girls of the people.”

The heir to the Spanish throne married a divorced journalist. The future king of Norway – single mother with a shady past. Prince of Denmark – an Australian teacher. Prince Dutch Manager from Argentina. The Prince of Monaco – swimmer from South Africa.

“I don’t think the Luxembourgers would be happy if their crown Prince was married to some singer, model or journalist with television, as it happened in other countries. They need the girl modest, educated, discreet. After all, their only 500 thousand people. It’s a small country,” – says an expert on Royal houses of Europe stéphane Bern.

Stephanie de Lannoy – the representative of the oldest in the Belgian aristocratic family. About him the thirteenth century, was known. It’s in her vast estate young posed for cameras on the day of engagement.

The place is historic. It was in this castle in may 1940 Belgium signed the capitulation of Nazi Germany. Took her General Paulus – the one that was then taken prisoner at Stalingrad. Say that the Germans on the joys of a shot into the ceiling. The bullet hole is still visible in the front hall.

About collaboration with the Nazis in the genus, which do not like to remember. The daughter was reared in the old strict traditions: music, art history, foreign languages. Stephanie was seriously interested in Russian. Even wrote a diploma on the influence of German romanticism on Russian literature for a year and trained in Moscow.

“You know, I think she has a very Russian soul: she loves literature and classical music. And plays the violin very well. And he’s very thoughtful and very serious. I have talked with the responsible people from the European institutions. There are training all of the crown princes of Europe: learn to drive, gain experience. So, all in one voice say that Prince Guillaume is the most serious of them. He is really interesting,” – said the expert on Royal houses of Europe stéphane Bern.

Painting lawns in Luxembourg is not taken, except that the sweeping fresh. In this prosperous country (second in the world in terms of GDP per capita!) all grandly and slowly, even the preparation for the historic event. The Ducal guard fulfills a welcome salute to the newlyweds. Their pictures are everywhere: in shop Windows, on flags and Souvenirs.

“Magnets – two euros and a half boxes to five. Russian gladly buy everything. Tomorrow still need to bring mugs and plates,” – says the seller of the souvenir shops.

The celebrations will go two days. Today, October 19, civil brakosochetanie. The first time it will be held at city hall, not in the Ducal Palace. And tomorrow, October 20 – wedding at the Cathedral, where we invited representatives of all the ruling Royal houses.

“Our Cathedral – the main sanctuary of the Luxembourg. Here intermarried parents and grandparents of Prince Guillaume. It can be said, already a tradition,” – said the Archbishop of Luxembourg Jean-Claude Hollerich.

And skip it did not. From crown princes of Europe remained unmarried only Guillaume. So until the next wedding of 20 years, no less.