23-year-old motorcyclist killed in a collision with Van

The 23-year-old motorcyclist died after a crash on the CR122 between Dreiborne and Fluxweiler on Monday around noon.

In the accident involved a van and a motorcyclist. The Grand Ducal Police said that, according to initial information, the truck was turning into the opposite lane, after which it collided with a motorcyclist.

As a result of the blow, the motorcycle was thrown out over the roadside barrier and into a nearby stream, and the motorcyclist was in the meadow next to him.

Volunteers from the emergency brigades from Wormeldange and the rescue helicopter were in place and resuscitation was carried out. 23-year-old Luxembourg from Stadtbredomus died at the scene.

The road remained closed until 4:00 pm due to forensic medical examination, and vehicles were towed from the scene of the accident.