How can you get more out of your savings?

Of all alternative investment choices available, life insurance policies are not only a secure option but they also provide much better returns on your capital.

In partnership with Cardif Lux Vie (a Luxembourg insurance company), BGL BNP Paribas is proud to present OptiLife2, a life insurance policy for medium to long-term savings with access to many types of assets.

Performance, protection and flexibility!

With OptiLife2, you can invest your savings in a General Fund or in our Internal Collective Funds, as well as in the funds from a range of BNP Paribas Group SICAVs. You can also mix your investments using a number of these vehicles, creating a solution that meets your unique needs with the allocation that is best for you.

The General Fund is the perfect choice for the part of your wealth that needs complete protection. This fund offers a daily capital guarantee plus an attractive return (2.60% gross in 2016; past returns are not a guarantee of future performance). In addition, clients who allocate at least 30% of their OptiLife2 investment to other vehicles will also have 0.20% added to their net return (SICAVs or Internal Collective Funds).

This life insurance policy is thus a great way to grow, diversify and structure your wealth!

With OptiLife2 you can also benefit from:

– a dedicated offer as Luxembourg resident or as cross-border commuter (Belgian or French)

– a guarantee for a bank loan

– a secure and efficient transfer of your estate with the possibility to choose your beneficiaries in the event of death

– a supplementary death coverage option which protects your loved ones

– a flexible access to your savings at any time

– an enhanced protection due to the regulatory framework for life insurance in Luxembourg (separate asset-account and “super privilege” in the event of insurer default)

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