EmerCoin to rise, as Bitcoin collapses

EmerCoin EmerCoin

Bitcoin collapses all day long. Morgan Stanley analyst James Faucette and his team sent a research note to clients a few days ago suggesting that the real value of bitcoin might be … $0. Is it true? No? it is not, just for sure. A plenty of investors look forward the new cryptocurrencies. As they say, EmerCoin (EMC) for example is ready for wild boom. The analysts believe that the currency could grow by 50-70 percent in the coming days. The reason for this is the EmerCoin’s significant undervaluation.



Bitcoin (BTC) is probably planet’s most discussed asset class and currency of 2017. The massive volatility of prices that entailed swing of 20% to 30% in either direction in a time period that is as short as 24 hours is a testimony to bitcoin’s popularity and enigma.

Emercoin (EMC) Coin, or “Emer” for short, is a decentralized blockchain project that allows immediate payment to people all over the world. Emercoin is based on peer-to-peer technology and operates without central monitoring. Verification of payment transactions and confirmation of payment transactions is carried out via the network by consensus. Emercoin Coin is based on pieces of code from Bitcoin, Namecoin and Peercoin and combines their components with its own coding.

James Collins, Luxembourg Herald