The first refugees arrived from Greece to Luxembourg

Solemn ceremony of sending the first 30 participants of the program of resettlement of refugees took place in Greece. At seven in the morning from Athens international airport, refugees were sent to Belgium where they will go to Luxembourg — a country which currently holds the presidency of the European Council. The ceremony was attended by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, European Parliament President Martin Schulz, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Luxembourg, Asselborn, the European Commissioner for migration policy, Dimitris Avramopoulos, Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Greece Yannis Masalas responsible for migration issues.

“We are fully aware that 30 people compared to the thousands of people fleeing from war, is a drop in the ocean. We strive, however, to these drops became a trickle, then a river of humanity and shared responsibility,” said Tsipras, according to which, the beginning of the program of resettlement has a symbolic character.

“Today we open a very important process of resettlement of refugees who have passed through fire and water in the hope of a better life. We are happy to see the smiles on kids ‘ faces,” said Tsipras.

Prime Minister of Greece said that it is necessary to stop the deaths in the Aegean sea. He noted that the Greek people have taken in refugees and Europe must not isolate itself new walls that will not solve the problems. “If we start to erect walls disappear hope and the future,” he said.

Tsipras also reiterated the need for cooperation with Turkey. “Greece is a gateway for refugees, it is only part of the way. The gateway is neighboring Turkey. Requires cooperation between the EU and Turkey to ensure that the resettlement began with the Turkish coast, not from the Greek Islands to stop this risk to the refugees,” — said the Prime Minister of Greece.

The first settlers were six families — a total of 30 people from Syria and Iraq. Talk to refugees, the journalists were not allowed.

Refugees for the resettlement program were selected from those who arrived on the island of Lesbos. They were registered and identified by the European Agency for border management FRONTEX and the Greek police, and then filed a petition for asylum. For resettlement in Luxembourg these refugees has advised the European service of asylum and UNHCR.

The resettlement program, the applicant has the right to choose the state in which it is relocated. However, when considering the request takes into account the presence of relatives in the country and language skills. All members of one family are resettled in one country, to preserve the unity of the family.

In practice, the resettlement programme means that the statement on international protection (asylum), which was filed in the Greek service, will be considered by the competent authorities of another state. Thus, in the case of the provision of the international protection regime, the applicant will receive a residence permit in the state where he moved. While the application is pending, the applicant must be included in the system of the host country to meet basic needs.