Luxembourg vows to stay united over fears of block disintegration

The Benelux countries were surprised and saddened by the results of UK referendum. Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel regrets the decision of the British to withdraw from the European Union through a referendum, he said on Twitter.

I respect but regret the outcome #Brexit. Lux continues to work for a strong EU.Xavier Bettel, Luxembourg PM

On Thursday in the UK held a referendum on the country’s EU membership. According to official data, for the country’s exit from the European Union voted 51.9% of the population of Britain.

Europe reacts on Brexit

A stunned European Union vowed to remain united on Friday despite Britain voting to leave, as  fears grew that a “chain reaction” of further referendums could tear the bloc apart.  As Brussels, Paris and Berlin woke up to the grim news, leaders warned of a difficult divorce in a sign that Britain will win few concessions in negotiating life outside the circle of the other 27 members of the bloc.

Today on behalf of the 27 leaders, I can say that we are determined to keep our unity as 27.EU President Donald Tusk, the first official reaction to the vote