Luxembourg Government: New face, old race

The director of Luxembourg’s job centre ADEM, Isabelle Schlesser, is to join the State Council, occupying the seat vacated by Viviane Ecker. Schlesser, who has a solid background in labour law and will not represent a political party, was selected by the Governing Council after weeks of indecision.

I saw the ADR, I saw the CSV and the other three parties today. The government has found a common solution and appointed a candidate who does not belong to any party. Mrs Schlesser is willing to take this position. Prime Minister Xavier Bettel

The decision was criticised by the CSV who said that no consensus had been reached about the succession. The main opposition party had decided not to respond to the Government’s offer to nominate a candidate from its own ranks.

The vacant seat was originally set to be returned to the ADR. But its candidate, Alex Penning, had been rejected by the government, who wanted a female candidate.