Jan de Nul Continues Building Dredger Investments

Jan De Nul Group continues to develop its investment programme for self-supporting dredges with trailing towels with a new contract this March for three self-supporting dredges with a well capacity of 3.500 m³.

In addition, a self-supporting dredger with a capacity of 6,000 m³, including the option for its sister ship, has recently been ordered. All of its dredges will be equipped with exhaust gas treatment systems, which the company says is revolutionary in the dredging sector.

“With this investment, we exceed the most stringent European emission standards. So we’re setting a trend in the dredging industry,” said Robby De Backer, head of the shipbuilding department.

The newly ordered dredger will weigh 9,880 tonnes, and extend for 111.7 m in length and 24.6 in width.