Mayor Lydie Polfer sends Condolences and Solidarity to London

Lydie Polfer Lydie Polfer

In light of Wednesday’s terror attacks in London, the Mayor of Luxembourg, Lydia Polfer, has written to the Mayor of London expressing her condolences for the victims and their families and Luxembourg’s solidarity with the people of London.

In the letter, Mayor Polfer says “Words cannot express the consternation we felt, hearing the news about the attack that took place yesterday afternoon in the heart of London, in the streets of Westminster. As mayor of the City of Luxembourg and on behalf of my colleagues and fellow citizens, my heart goes out to the families and friends who lost a loved one [today] and to the victims who got hurt in the incident.

“Also, I want to assure you of our full support in the relentless efforts to tackle disgraceful attacks on the core values of our respective countries. Democracy, liberty, human rights and freedom are only a few of the principles that we all stand for and will continue to defend against any attempts of this kind. as both your prime minister, Theresa May, and yourself stressed repeatedly in the aftermath of this tragedy, any attempts to divide us, to work with the most abominable means to counteract who we are and what we represent, will never succeed.

“European cities, unique through the rich diversity of their populations, will not let cowardly and hateful actions destroy what they are at heart. They will, on the contrary, continue to celebrate this diversity and multiplicity, to be open to the world, to inspire and be inspired by residents, visitors and workers from all cultural origins.”