Luxembourg’s unemployment rate falls slightly


New Luxembourg unemployment statistics released by ADEM, the country’s employment office, show that the jobseeker rate in the Grand Duchy, fell again in February, albeit by a very slight amount.

According to ADEM the unemployment rate was 6.1% last month, a small decrease of 0.1% compared to January, but a 0.4% drop when compared to February 2016.

This translates into 17,239 people looking for work, 553 less than January, and 706 less than the same period in the previous year.

The unemployment drop was mostly to the benefit of less qualified workers, according to ADEM’s data, while the most qualified have actually seen a slight rise.

However, it must be noted that those with the highest level of qualifications in long-term unemployment is far less than those with the lowest qualifications.

On the other hand, companies in Luxembourg declared 3,291 vacancies, 0.4% more than in February 2016.