Luxembourg: A gateway for Singaporean issuers and asset managers to reach international investors

On 22 February, Luxembourg for Finance hosted a seminar in Singapore, gathering more than 120 participants from the local financial community. The seminar focused on the Grand Duchy’s role as an EU onshore financial hub for the Asian City-State.

Luxembourg and Singapore already enjoy a dynamic and long-standing relationship. During the last decades, Singapore has established a thriving financial centre of international repute, serving not only its domestic economy, but also the wider Asia Pacific region.

Luxembourg is a strategic partner to Singaporean financial intermediaries. At the crossroads of global capital markets, it offers issuers who want to tap a European and global investor base a comprehensive ecosystem, ranging from listing to post-trading services. With a strong record in innovation, the Luxembourg Stock Exchange provides issuers with access to new asset classes and a window to global investors, while offering investors the highest level of transparency and unparalleled access to information on listed securities and funds.

Singaporean asset managers find in Luxembourg the ideal platform to set up and distribute funds throughout Asia and beyond.

Singapore is, moreover, one of the top markets for Luxembourg-domiciled investment funds. Two thirds of the more than 2700 foreign funds distributed in the City-State find their origin in the Grand Duchy.

The seminar was thus also an opportunity to discuss the latest trends in global fund distribution, including the various regional passporting initiatives in Asia, and provide insights into recent developments in the alternative investment fund space, notably opportunities under the AIFMD. Regarding alternative investments, there was a strong interest from local participants in the upcoming Luxembourg Reserved Investment Alternative Fund (RAIF), which will add a new flexible vehicle with strong time to market to the Luxembourg toolbox.