Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden and Austria spend most money on food

Rating of the prices of products in Europe. Denmark’s level of food prices is 145% of the average in other EU countries. Than followed by Sweden (124%), Austria (120%), Ireland and Finland (both 119%) and Luxembourg (116%). This is confirmed by Eurostat data.

At the opposite end of the scale, where there was the low level of prices – Poland (63%), Romania (64%), Bulgaria (70%), Lithuania (78%), the Czech Republic and Hungary (both 79%).

The level of prices for bread and cereal products ranges from 53% of the average in the EU in Romania to 162% in Denmark; for meat from 54% in Poland to 137% in Denmark; as well as milk, cheese and eggs from 65% to 140% Poland Cyprus.

The lowest level of alcohol prices were registered in Bulgaria (64% of the EU average), Romania (72%) and Hungary (74%), while the highest – in Ireland (175%), Finland (172%) and the UK (163 %).

Prices of tobacco in different EU countries can differ by almost four times. The lowest price level was observed in Bulgaria (50% of the EU average), Croatia and Lithuania (56%), while the highest – in the UK (218%), Ireland (189%) and France (127%).