Round numbers: one hundred food products will get protection in China

As of next year, 100 protected European regional brands may no longer be sold under iconic names in China if they do not actually come from the right region. Manchego from Beijing or Champagne from Wuhan – to name but a few – will soon be out of the question.

The two major economic powers have agreed on this. In the European Union, many regional products have a protected status. For example, sparkling wine should only be called champagne if it comes from the region of the same name in France and Parmegiano should be made in the province of Parma in Italy.

These rules do not apply in China, which allows local counterfeit products to be sold under world-famous names. The same applies to the other side, by the way.

Initially, 100 European products are now given a protected status in China and 100 Chinese products are given protection in the EU. The European list includes champagne, vodka, feta and Porto wine.

The protection of products strengthens the market position and increases exports, is hope. Last year, EUR 14.5 billion of EU food products were sold to China. These exports consisted of protected regional products of some EUR 1.3 billion.