300 emergency call outs, villages damaged

Severe thunderstorms over Friday night caused major damages in the east and centre of Luxembourg, especially in Larochette and Ermsdorf.

The 112 emergency number registered no less than 300 call outs over the course of Friday evening.  Here are some images of the aftermath of the storms.

The peak of the intervention work took place between 8pm and 11pm, mainly in Larochette, Ernz Valley, Reisdorf, Nommern and Luxembourg City.

Emergency services were mainly called due to basements flooding, other flooding and road clearance, as well as to make resources such as blankets available to the impact residents.

Just before 9:30pm, the “Central de Secours d’Urgence” (CSU) was informed that several vehicles had been taken away by waters in Ermsdorf–potentially with passengers inside of them.

Emergency services, including a group of frogmen, rushed to the site. Specialised in water rescue in strong rapids, they were able to confirm no passengers were inside the vehicles.

An ambulance was also called out for an individual who was slightly injured due to flooding-related trauma. Regional authorities of fire and rescue services coordinated their efforts.

“After a long night, rescuers have a short break this morning at 6:00. At 8:15, they were again on the warpath,” the Larochette rescue service posted on its Facebook page on Saturday morning.