Luxembourg supports Ukrainian aspiration to join the EU, warns there is no shorcuts thoug

Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Bettel has assured Ukraine of his country’s support on the way to EU membership. This was announced by the government in Luxembourg after a meeting between Bettel and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kiev on Tuesday. At the EU summit starting on Thursday, Bettel will campaign for Ukraine to be granted the status of a candidate country for accession.

“This is an important sign of hope. Ukraine and the Ukrainian people deserve it,” Bettel said, according to officials. However, he warned against realistic expectations: there is no “accelerated procedure” for membership in the European Union.

With the candidate status, “a long process” begins. The criteria for accession – including the rule of law, guarantee of fundamental rights and a functioning market economy – could not be ignored.

The head of the Luxembourg government arrived in Kiev by train on Tuesday morning. The visit had not been announced before. Before the meeting with Zelensky, Bettel had visited the Ukrainian cities of Borodyanka, Butcha and Irpin, among others, and also thought of the victims of the war. Luxembourg will help Ukraine find those responsible for war crimes so that they can be brought to justice, it said.

Zelenskyi addressed the Luxembourg Parliament with a video address on 2 June, inviting Bettel to visit the country.