Papers on board as road safety month continues

As of January 23 to 29 the Grand Ducal Police will be cracking down on cars without the correct papers as part of this month’s road safety campaign. This will effect all vehicle types, so be prepared.

Over the duration of 2016 statistics show that there were more than 900 offenses related to incorrect paper work for vehicles. With so many infractions the police have looked to crack down further on unsuspecting drivers.

To be on the right side of the law the police have reminded motorists that they must have their driver’s license, insurance certificate, registration certificate and a valid tax stamp. If you can not provide these documents the following sections of the Highway Traffic Act will apply:

  • Failure to show a valid driver’s license (24 euros)
  • Failure to show a valid ‘carnet de stage’ (new driver’s logbook) (24 euros)
  • Failure to show a valid insurance certificate (24 euros)
  • Use of a vehicle not covered by a valid tax card, a valid ‘contrôle technique’ (M.O.T) certificate  (74 euros)

As well as these checks the police will be looking at the condition of your licence plate and if deemed illegible, there will be a fine of 49 euros.

So best take the necessary precautions and keep your documents on you to avoid any unwanted fines.