Rapper Kanye West seriously raises his eyebrows: how can his extreme statements be explained?

He accuses his wife of adultery, asked for an abortion with his daughter and compares his mother-in-law with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. This week, American rapper Kanye West made astonishing statements and launched bizarre tweets. However, wife Kim Kardashian asks “compassion” for West who has bipolar disorder. But what does the disorder mean and can those statements be linked to it? West definitely needs help, experts Patrick Colemont and Sabine Wyckaert explain.

Kanye West, 43, ran for the November US presidential election this month. The rapper, producer and billionaire held his first – striking – campaign meeting this week, with a bulletproof vest and the year 2020 shaved in his hair.

He held a long discourse on international trade, slavery, religion and abortion. Suddenly revealing that he also wanted an abortion when his wife, reality star and businesswoman Kim Kardashian, became pregnant with oldest daughter North. “I almost killed my daughter,” he shouted. He is (now) against abortion and promised a million dollars for those who give birth to a child.

Later, West threw his private life on Twitter with a firm sneer at his wife and his in-laws. Those tweets have since been removed. But West made it clear that he is trying to separate from what he says is an adulterous Kardashian, that his mother-in-law is actually called Kris “Jong-un” Jenner and that both have tried to get him admitted to a mental institution. West accuses Kardashian and Jenner of “white domination”.
Kim Kardashian asks for understanding

Voices immediately surfaced in the US asking where Kim Kardashian was? Why didn’t she intervene? “Because for some, West’s candidacy is a joke, while others consider it downright dangerous,” said Michiel Vos, correspondent in the US, on Radio 1.

Kardashian eventually responded via a social media post linking her husband’s glaring statements to his bipolar disorder. She asks outsiders not to just judge, but to show “compassion and empathy”. “Those close to Kanye know his heart and understand that sometimes his words don’t match his intentions,” Kardashian wrote on her Instagram Stories. She emphasizes that family and friends insist on psychological help, but that West must first be open to this. Forced admission of an adult is not self-evident.