Kate could be visiting Luxembourg soon


The Duchess of Cambridge could be planning a visit to Luxembourg in May.

According to well-informed sources, Kate could be preparing a royal visit, but it is unclear whether Prince William will be joining her on the trip.

The Ministry of State declined to comment on the rumours, while the British Embassy in Luxembourg said it would not be releasing a statement.

The Royal Family’s press office have been asked to comment.

The visit is said to be timed to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the Treaty of London.

Luxembourg gained independence in 1839, and in May 1867 the London conference was held, which resulted in the Treaty of London on May 11, 1867.

Earlier this month, Prince William and Princess Kate visited France, where they praised the partnership between the two countries.

Kate’s speculated visit also comes shortly after UK Prime Minister Theresa May formally triggers Article 50, leading Britain out of the European Union.