Second star for Restaurant Mosconi in Luxembourg-Grund

mosconi mosconi

Restaurant Mosconi in Luxembourg-Grund received a second star in the “Guide Michelin 2017” that was presented to the press on Monday. Up until now, the restaurant led by chef Ilario Mosconi had one star.

Two stars can be translated as “an exceptional cuisine that is worth a detour”.

Mosconi thus takes back the star he lost back in 2013. Chef Ilario Mosconi convinced the judges with his daring cuisine according to Michael Ellis, Director of the “Guides Michelin”.

“Focused on his cuisine, he offers to each one of his plates a true explosion of Italian flavours. Having dinner at Mosconi’s means rediscovering authentic Italian dishes based on quality ingredients perfectly presented: a real pleasure for the senses!”

There is a total of 143 star-restaurants in the “Guide Michelin” for Belgium and Luxembourg that will be available from November 24. Among those are 21 restaurants that received two stars and two restaurants that received three stars. Restaurant Mosconi is the only one receiving two stars in Luxembourg.