Luxembourg Philospohical Think-Tank Addresses Thematic Programme of Topical Issues

The Fondation IDEA

The Fondation IDEA held a press event on Thursday to explain its role and function to members of the Luxembourg press.

Marc Wagener, Director of the foundation, explained that the foundation was set up as a non-profit-making organisation by the Luxembourg chambre de Commerce in 2014 as a philosophical think-tank that looks at issues related to the long-term development of the Grand Duchy. As well as himself, the foundation engages four economists who are all active in research and publications.

The team identifies issues and then raises them for debate in different fora, from Nation Branding to Financial Education, whith the outcome involving proposals of practical solutions. They liaise with organisations from industry associations to NGOs, and their publications include articles, blog posts, a yearbook, etc., in French and in English.

With 2016 issues involving poverty and inequality, housing and productivity, the team is currently working on a long-term health budget, as well as competitiveness (linked to the World Economic forum). Next year (2017), the fondation IDEA has identified its thematic programme which includes R&D, the sharing economy, public finances, social security / social cohesion, development and/or growth, sustainable development and corporate social responsibility, and the EU.

Marc Wagener emphasised that with Luxembourg having various specific demographics, the country is very individual with a unique labour market.