Nationality will be reformed soon?

By he period of residence in the Grand Duchy in order to qualify for the luxembourg nationality will be lowered from seven years to five years. In addition, the five years will no longer need to be consecutive, one-year of continuous residence will suffice. “The State Council welcomes this major innovation,” writes the High institution in its opinion on the draft bill tabled in march by the minister Déi Gréng of Justice, Félix Braz.

The Council of State comes to make his opinion on the subject and makes no opposition to the bill. It shows even enthusiastic about some aspects of the text. The deputies begin to floor it on this Friday afternoon in a parliamentary committee. And, with this positive opinion, the process could go quickly, to allow an entry into force of the reform as early as next year, as is the wish of the minister of Justice.

Language level required

In addition to the residence period, the project makes other changes to promote integration and cohesion within the population, writes the Council of State. Thus, the right of the soil is extended. A child born in Luxembourg will automatically become a luxembourg citizen at his majority, he lives there during the five years before the age of 18.

Moreover, citizenship courses of a duration of six hours currently will be replaced by a three-module course spread over 24 hours and focused on the theme “Living together in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg”. This “living-together” will continue to pass by the luxembourgish language. The linguistic level is not changed. The Chamber of employees, which has also delivered its opinion on the text, judge the level of oral comprehension required is too high.