Listeria bacteria in processed meats Offerman killed six, two women miscarried

At least six people died last year from the effects of the listeria bacteria that was in the meat products of meat products maker Offerman. Two women have also had a miscarriage. The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) reports this in its annual review for 2019.

It was known so far that listeria had killed three people last fall and that one woman had a miscarriage. But according to the NVWA, the bacterium has caused more victims. The food watchdog reports that a total of 35 people have become ill.

The Listeria bacterium was found in cold cuts that were cut and packaged in an Offerman factory in Aalsmeer. When the source was known in October, the factory was closed and supermarket chains Aldi and Jumbo took all pre-packaged Offerman cold cuts off the shelves as a precaution.

The contamination with the life-threatening bacteria turned out to be so persistent at Offerman that the Belgian owner was forced to stop. Renovation of the building in Aalsmeer was too expensive. The bacteria turned out to be in the walls of the hall. In January, the company were closed. Sixty employees lost their jobs.