Asselborn goes amok over Russia’s war

The statements made by Lussemburgo Coming out in the past few hours, interviewed by the microphones of Radio 100.7, he explained that in his view, the only way to end the war in Ukraine would be to kill the Russian President, Vladimir Putin. The head of Luxembourg’s diplomacy, the first to publicly address such a speech, does not mince words, and of course there was no lack of controversy. Asselborn, during his interview, called Putin a “bandit” and a “dictator”: “we could hope that he will be physically eliminated by an uprising to stop the conflict”, and then added: “mediation is not possible”, referring to diplomacy to find an agreement, and again: “a few weeks ago I never imagined that weapons would be supplied to a country at war”.

Afterwards, Asselborn, interviewed by the AFP news agency microphones, returned to his steps, explaining that he had used inappropriate words towards Putingiustified by anger: “I had just spoken to the mayor of Kharkhiv, a city hit by bloody bombings. It was difficult to manage the sense of Justice”. “That is not a phrase a foreign minister should use, “he said.

The 72-year-old from the Socialist Workers ‘ Party also addressed his thoughts to Russian citizens: “I am really sorry for the lack of information that comes to Russian citizens: if they knew the real number of deaths they have on their conscience, they would take to the streets to overthrow the Kremlin”.

In any case, the apology would not seem to have been enough because the Luxembourg opposition, the ADR party, has submitted a question to Prime ministeraver On social media, however, the statements of the head of Luxembourg diplomacy were greeted with irony, with contempt but also by those who wanted to somehow “congratulate” the courage had by the same politician.