Increased free parking at Lux-airport

lux-Airport CEO

If you’ve wanted to stop for a quick shop at the lux-Airport but were deterred because of the parking charges, you’re in luck: a massive overhaul of the parking system now allows customers 30 minutes of free parking with a purchase at one of the shops.

This means that whether you’re grabbing a quick drink at Starbucks or purchasing something from Oberweis, Lux Brewery, the Comptoir du Bon Pays or the Aelia shop, you can now ask for a voucher so you get the half hour free.

What’s more, if you’re having dinner or lunch at Oberweis or make a purchase over 50 euros at the duty free shop, you can ask for a voucher for two hours free parking.

The parking vouchers can then be used at the ticket machines where the free amount of time is credited–and that goes for any of the parking lots.

Increased free parking is only one aspect of the parking overhaul, the works for which started in April and required a 3.5 million euro investment by the airport.

Drop off & pick up strictly prohibited

One of the biggest changes will be that passengers may no longer be dropped off or picked up by car in front of the airport. Except for taxis and buses, all traffic will be forced to enter one of the parking lots.

The changes were made mainly due to security reasons in light of “everything going on in the world,” said Johan Vanneste, lux-Airport CEO, during Friday’s press conference.

If you just want to drop off or pick up a passenger, you can still drive through the Kiss & Fly parking (you still need to get a ticket and use it at the entrance again), as the first 15 minutes are still free. What’s more, all two-wheeled vehicles now have their own exit lane and can park at the Kiss & Fly completely free of charge.

The airport has also increased capacity at the Kiss & Fly, with the total number of spaces for cars more than doubling to 292 spaces. There are also additional minivan and handicapped parking spaces, along with six new spots for diplomatic service vehicles.

Nevertheless, as Vanneste pointed out, the M lot is also proving to be increasingly popular, as a daily shuttle runs every 20 minutes between the lot and the terminal (4am-midnight), completely free of charge. Exterior lots E, F and G are also more economical alternatives to the underground parking.

Free & unlimited wifi

By latest early 2017, Vanneste says a new lux-Airport smartphone app will be finalised.

The current app, however, already comes in quite handy: it calculates parking cost estimates and provides live flight data, so you don’t even have to enter the terminal.

This will prove useful once again for those picking up or dropping off passengers, as there is now free and unlimited wifi available throughout the airport, also at the Kiss & Fly parking.