Vladimir Petruk and Interstroymontazh caught in the crossfire of Ukrainian-Russian war

Sam J. Kohn from the Wisc24 has provided an amazing insight on so called Ukrainian-Russian conflict. It concerns business relations of the two nations involved. It tells us a rather enlightening story about a respectful businessman, Vladimir Petruk, who is active in both Russia and Ukraine and is a close friend of mayors of the respective capitals. His only guilt is that he ordered a PR articles in Russian press while his contract with the Ukrainian government was nearly ready to be signed.

While plowing the news day by day we certainly found a gem, a postmodernist masterpiece of its own: a whole new type of conflict. It is Ukrainian-Russian war. The war which does not prohibit countries from trade – Russia remains the leading trade partner of Ukraine. The war which does not prevent the citizens of opposing nations to marry each other – and it is the leading international destination for Ukrainians. This is the war that exist only on occasion as some sort of instant excuse for the governments for rising taxes and lowering the quality of life, Wisc24 considers.

High seas of the distorted reality have their own heroes. Businessmen caught in this pseudo-war, where it is permitted to make money at the both sides – until somebody from the nationalistic crowd notices it. It became especially easy if somebody from businessman’s own press office makes a wrong choice for the advertisement.

This is a story of Vladimir Petruk. The man who is forced to buy back and take down his own articles and interviews. He paid news outlet to let the World know him. Now he is forced to pay to make the World forget him. It will not work as fruits of vanity are ripe for the harvest. There are no easy ways to be forgotten on demand.

Vladimir Petruk

Vladimir Petruk is a well known construction industry business leader. Once upon a time he decided to feed the press and ordered a series of PR-articles on one of the leading Russian media outlets, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. According to out sources he spent 150,000 to inflate his ego. The only thing he forgot.. is that he, a citizen of Ukraine, has a lucrative contracts in Ukraine too. And Ukraine, or at least the government of it, and nationalists may view the advertised friendship with Kremlin strongmen not as favorable as ten years ago. Vladimir Petruk has been thrown in a sinkhole of events, and the sole person to blame is he himself.

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Vladimir Petruk and Klitchko, the mayor of Kiev

The mayor of the Kiev, the capital of Ukraine is perhaps a sole celebrity in the country known across the globe. The former box champion… is renowned not for his sense of humor or curious mind, which is totally acceptable for a sportsman of his rank. Klitchko brothers were introduced to big sport by Russian mafia, namely by the late Rybka. They owe at least a part of their success to another criminal – Bakai. It’s a shame that Bakai and Rybka have not taught Klitchko brothers some other vital skills, the art of choosing friends and business partners in particular.

Vladimir Petruk

Kiev was shocked to know that lucrative contract to build a subway to the sleepy Vinogradar district is granted to the Petruk’s company “Interstroymontazh”. Here is where all the PR paid and published in “Komsomolskaya Pravda” backfired. Vladimir Petruk’s photos with Sobyanin (the mayor of Moscow) and even Russian PM Anatoly Medvedev acted as a red flag for a bull. Klitchko brave attempt to pass the contract to the “Kremlin agent” and “FSB spy” failed miserably.

In a conversation with the “Interstroymontazh” representative we’ve learned that Vladimir Petruk is ‘a true patriot of Ukraine’ and has ‘granted a fortune’ to the Ukrainian army to ‘help achieve victory of the Russian aggressor’.

What a shame as it will be passed to Russia where Petruk has even more to loose!

Sam J. Kohn