Number of jobseekers falls by 6% in Luxembourg

Rate of seasonally adjusted unemployment now stands at 5.6%, according to national statistics office.

The number of jobseekers in Luxembourg has fallen by 6.1% over the last 12 months, according to data released by the national statistics office on Tuesday.

The latest figures shows a drop of 1,077 people, while the rate of seasonally adjusted unemployment now stands at 5.6%.

The decline is significant, particularly among people under 30 (-8.1%) and low-skilled jobseekers (-11.1%).

While the number of long-term unemployed has decreased to 9.2%, the number of job-seekers holding higher-education qualifications increased over the period by 197 people (6.8%).

In January, Luxembourg labour minister Nicolas Schmit said unemployment rates depended partly on good economic performance, partly employment policies, writes

He argued that reforms must continue to be implemented, however.

Nine months before the national election, the socialist minister claimed “a 4% unemployement rate in not unrealistic” in future.

Over the last six months, the rate has fallen below 6%.

Following a series of legislative reforms adopted in August 2017, the number of jobseekers enrolling in professional training increased by four times over the past year.

Over the same period, the number of people taking on temporary work fell by 29.3%.

According to Statec, 8,666 people, of which 8,168 were residents, have benefited from complete unemployment support, a decrease of 169 people, or 1.9%.

Nearly 16,600 people in Luxembourg were registered with the national employment office ADEM at the end of January.