Luxair Offers Flibco Service to its Customers for Just €5


Luxair had announced thatt they have concluded a cooperation agreement that guarantee customers of the Luxemburgish airline to benefit from a €5 fare by using the lines departing from Belgium, France and Germany to go to the airport of Luxembourg.

Luxair has become partner with the Luxemburgish company, operated by Sales-Lentz, specialised in the transport to airports, to offer their clients transfers to the airport in the comfort of shuttle buses for jus €5.

Concretely, Luxair has signed an agreement with that guarantee their customers having a reservation number to benefit from a €5 fare to go to the airport of Luxembourg on board a shuttle starting from certain stops in France, Belgium and Germany.

A similar agreement has been inoperation between and LuxairTours since 2015. Today, is enlarging this agreement with the airline, Luxair, and their product Metropolis.

This agreement allows Luxair to align an additional advantage for their clients coming from the Greater Region (until Namur). The specific stops are the following: Namur, Marche-en-Famenne, Bastogne, Arlon, Trier, Thionville, Metz and Nancy. To make a reservation, Luxair customers just need to go on the website, equipped with their Luxair reservation number, and profit from the reduced fare of €5.

Paul De Muynck, General Director at, highlighted the advantages of this shared operation: “ has been collaborating with LuxairTours since 2015, transporting the clients of the tour operator to Findel at a reduced fare. We have enlarged our agreement to the clients of Luxair and of the Metropolis product, multiplying the advantages for our company as well as for the Luxembourgish group which extends their catchment area. The Luxair clients begin their trip in the biggest comfort of our coaches and avoid the stress of the road!”

This new service builds up a key element of the mobility-strategy of Luxair and an important argument to convince the Belgian, French and German travelers to choose the Luxemburgish company.