Doctena acquires Doxter, becomes leader in European market

Doctena, a company originating in Luxembourg that allows you to make your doctor’s appointment online, recently acquired Doxter. By joining forces with the number one player in Germany, Doctena catapults itself at the head of the European market, now operating in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

The expansion of the company has been helped by the support of the Luxembourg government through the financing tool of the SNCI (National Society for Credits and Investments). This “indirect development loan” helps innovative companies to finance expansion projects in collaboration with local banks.

Luxembourg’s support falls under its strategy of becoming one of the world’s leading countries in digital innovation. “The presence of European champions in the field of ICT in the Grand-Duchy brings skills and know-how to our ecosystem favourable to the digitalisation of the national economy”, Minister of Economy Etienne Schneider stated.

By using the company’s services, patients can book medical appointments in five countries, now including Germany, with one single application.