Claudia Monti sworn in as new Justice Mediator

Prime Minister Xavier Bettel held a swearing-in ceremony Tuesday, for Luxembourg’s new Justice Mediator or ‘Ombudsfra’ (Ombudswoman) Claudia Monti, who succeeds Lydie Err.

“Throughout her life, Claudia Monti has fought with determination against injustices committed and committed herself to the weak and the less fortunate. Mrs. Monti is predestined to occupy this position,” stressed Xavier Bettel during the ceremony.

Lawyer by profession, Monti will now have to wait until April 24, 2017 to officially begin her new role, replacing Lydie Err who leaves the post due to the legal age limit set for the job.

Monti is the third person to hold the post of Justice Mediator in Luxembourg after Marc Fischbach, held the position between 2004 and 2011, and Lydie Err, in office since 2011.

The job of Justice Mediator or Ombudsman or woman, (or ‘Ombudsfra’ in Luxembourgish for Monti’s case), was created in 2004 with its main mission to resolve amicably disputes between citizens, companies, associations and public entities.