Contraception, sterilisation and vasectomy will be free of charge and covered by CNS

Hormonal contraception–such as the pill–but also sterilisation and vasectomies will become free of charge in Luxembourg under plans announced by the government on Friday.

Currently, some subscription-based types of contraception are reimbursed to a maximum of 80% and only for women under the age of 30.

“Free access to contraception for everyone, without an age limit, will allow everyone to choose freely,” said health minister Paulette Lenert (LSAP) in a statement.

The list of subscription contraception that will in future be covered 100% by the national health insurer CNS includes contraceptive pills, patches, rings, coils and injections, the mini pill, intra-uterine devices and contraceptive implants.

The morning after pill will be free and in case of emergency is available without a doctor’s subscription.

Sterilisation and vasectomies will also be fully covered by the CNS.