German police catch 11-year-old driver 120km from Luxembourg home

lux driver

An 11-year-old boy from Luxembourg, is reported to have jumped behind the wheel of the family car and driven 120 kilometres into Germany, following a dispute with his father.

Luxembourg police were immediately informed by the family, late on Friday night, of the young boy taking the car. They in turn, informed their German colleagues to be on the lookout for the car and the child.

The 11-year-old, who left his home without a specific reason or destination, drove to Landstuhl, not far from Kaiserslautern in the Rhineland Palatinate region of Germany.

A German patrol spotted the young driver and requested him to stop. However the boy ignored the police and instead turned to join the A6 motorway.

Three police patrols then became involved in the chase and were eventually able to stop the car on the motorway without incident.

He was then take back to his home in Luxembourg by police. Details of prosecution or investigation are not known at this stage.