Construction begins on the square of the residential tower in Differdange

Construction of the residential tower “Aurea” began on Thursday 20 September 2018.

Earlier today, Roberto Traversini, deputy mayor of Differdange, Eric Lux, CEO of IKO, project developer and the architect Stefano Moreno, from Moreno Architecture & Associés, laid the first stone of the tower – a gilded stone to match the facade cladding.

In early 2021, the 14-storey Aurea Tower will stand against the Differdange skyline, putting the finishing touches on the urbanisation of the Funicular Plateau. Erected between the Opkorn shopping centre and the International School, it will house residents in 138 apartments, as well as local services and state offices. Since 2003, the developer Luxembourg IKO (formerly Ikogest) has invested considerably in the conversion of the plateau, transforming a brownfield into a new city district, focused on quality of life and mixed functions.

After the acquisition of the 8-hectare site, several successive stages gave birth to the Arboria district: sanitation, an urban plan with the support of the Dewey Muller Architects and Urban Planners, the construction of infrastructures, development of 728 housing units (80,000 m2 residential space in collaboration with the Luxembourg architects Christian Bauer & Associés Architects, Dewey Muller Architects and Planners, Fabeck Architects, M3 Architects, Moreno Architecture & Associés, Architects Paczowski and Fritsch ), development of the Opkorn shopping centre and finally, construction of the Aurea Tower.

Concerning commercial sites, at the beginning of 2021, the Aurea Tower will complete the range of local services by housing two Raiffeisen and BGL BNP Paribas bank branches on the ground floor and the offices of the “Direction of the Region of Basic Education” on the first floor (organ of the Ministry of National Education, Childhood and Youth). In addition, a neighbouring residence will soon be hosting a pharmacy and an agency of the National Health Fund. These new services will make Arboria and the city even more attractive.

Structural work will continue until the end of the year, followed by completion until delivery in early 2021.