Marcel Grosbusch & Fils Initiates Ambitious Plan by Planting 1,000 Fruit Trees for Local Produce

In the context of a pilot project, Marcel Grosbusch & Fils, the Luxembourgish fruit and vegetable specialist, has planted more than one thousand fruit trees next to its new warehouse in Ellange; the objective? to promote local fruit production in Luxembourg.

Plums, apples, pears, cherries, mirabelles… Marcel Grosbusch & Fils has planted 1,000 fruit trees around its new warehouse in Ellange. The orchard will allow the Luxembourgish wholesaler to highlight the importance of the local economy and production by producing its own seasonal and regional fruit. “The demand for local products and shorter supply chains is growing. At the moment, we are not able to meet that demand. Therefore, our goal is to generate initiatives in this regard and to prove that it is entirely possible to grow and sell fruits in wholesale quantities here in Luxembourg”, explained René Grosbusch.

A revival of the orchards?

As a pilot project meant to attest to its performance, the Ellange orchard is intended to convince potential partners to support the efforts of Marcel Grosbusch & Fils in promoting the regional economy. By collaborating with arborists, farmers, landowners and local associations, the eventual goal is to launch a project on a much larger scale: an orchard of 50,000 trees covering 20 hectares in south-eastern Luxembourg, between Ellange, Mondorf-les-Bains, Schengen and Remich. In other words, the ambition is to trigger a revival of independent and local orchards, with the produce benefiting from a guaranteed minimum purchase price.

Bees: a vital contribution

In addition to the planting of the fruit trees at its Ellange site, the company will install beehives in the orchard. In cooperation with Luxembourgish beekeepers, five hives of 80,000 bees each will be acquired to allow the bees to pollinate the trees. For Marcel Grosbusch & Fils, this is an excellent opportunity to increase public awareness of the importance of bees within our ecosystem. While the beehives will allow the family company to produce its own honey, the orchard will also serve as a teaching and information tool for the company’s future children’s educational centre: Grosbusch Kids.

About the company

In business for nearly 100 years, fruit and vegetable importer and distributor Marcel Grosbusch & Fils has become well known within the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and throughout the ‘Grande Région’. By focus¬sing on the quality of its products and respecting its producers and clients, the family company has slowly developed by combining tradition and innovation.

The story began in Differdange in 1917. Jean-Pierre Grosbusch decided to launch himself into the fruit and vegetable market by opening a small greengrocery. He was joined by his sons, Jean and Marcel. André and René, Marcel’s two sons, grew up in this environment and, in 1982, founded Marcel Grosbusch & Fils. In 2012, René Grosbusch’s children Lynn and Goy joined the company, which now counts 200 employees.