Luxembourg football stadium costs increase by 1 million euros

Luxembourg football stadium

The football stadium in Kockelscheuer will cost one million euros more than originally planned, bringing the total cost to 59 million euros. The increase in price, according to Luxembourg City Mayor Lydie Polfer on Wednesday morning, is due to the installation of security cameras and special turf.

The monitoring system is to be installed at the request of police forces, while the so-called “hybrid turf” was requested by the Luxembourg Football Federation. The turf combines synthetic and natural grass–stronger than normal turf.

There are savings, on the other hand, when it comes to the underground parking garage. Current plans will no longer see the parking extend underneath the entire building but rather only under a part of the stadium. Construction should begin in 2017.

The Josy Barthel Stadium on the Route d’Arlon will soon become obsolete. Games should be held in the new Kockelscheuer stadium by 2019.