One woman thought to have left Luxembourg for Syria

At least one woman has left Luxembourg for Syria, the government has confirmed to a French newspaper.

According to a DPA , more and more women are becoming radicalised in Germany, a silent phenomenon that is impacting girls as young as 13.

Luxembourg’s Justice Minister Felix Braz said that no such evolution had been observed in the Grand Duchy.

“There have been no women radicalised to the point where they would be ready to take kamikaze action,” the minister said in an interview with French newspaper “Le Monde”.

In 2015, Luxembourg Foreign Affairs Minister Jean Asselborn said that six Luxembourg residents were known to have left Luxembourg for Syria. Today the number is thought to be closer to ten, including “at least one woman”.

The ministry said it could not confirm to what extent the woman in question was involved with Islamic State group Daesh.

Furthermore, not a single woman had been taken to court in Luxembourg in relation to jihadi activities or bombing attempts, the minister said.

Luxembourg has introduced a number of anti-radicalisation measures, including awareness-raising and training in schools.

On October 1, Luxembourg Police launched its first anti-radicalisation hotline aimed at helping people who are being radicalised and their families and friends. The hotline can be reached by calling 2477-2477. A new support service will follow soon.