(UPDATED) LuxHerald concerning the illegal detainment of Mr. Andriy Dovbenko: release him now!

Andriy Dovbenko, photoTSN.ua Andriy Dovbenko, photo TSN.ua

Luxembourg Herald has suffered a wave of attacks following the publication of the article «President Poroshenko’s wife is involved in looting money for needy children». It caught us off guard, honestly. However it will not stop us from revealing stories like mentioned above.

Meanwhile, the troubles of the LuxHerald is of minor importance as compared to the incoming information that one of the symbols of relentless fight with corruption – Andriy Dovbenko – was kidnapped by the group of unknown uniformed men. Andriy Dovbenko is known as a lawyer with close ties to Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. High moral account and attitude towards the European way of developing his country is widely acknowledged by anyone who knows him.

We are gratefully reporting that Mr.Dovbenko is safe and secure! He informed us that the kidnapping incident was misunderstanding and the information on it was passed by compromised channels. We are investigating the source of misinformation along with other conflicting reports.

We are paying a great respect to Mr. Andriy Dovbenko for his consistent struggle with corruption at the highest level of Ukrainian political establishment. We hope that this incident will not stop him from further collaboration with the European institutions in a fight with corruption and money laundering in Ukraine.

The following piece is here for historical reasons:

Andriy Dovbenko and Daria Zarivnaya, photo neocleous

Andriy Dovbenko and Daria Zarivnaya, photo neocleous

Information has been passed by his spouse – Daria Zarivnaya. Our colleague Daria is the chief editor of L’Officiel online fashion magazine. According to what we known no official accusations were thrown at Andriy Dovbenko. Daria suppose that the only possible cause for his illegal detainment is civilian activism aimed to uproot the corruption in Ukraine.

While we are still trying to reestablish contact with him we demand immediate release of Anriy Dovbenko and declare the following:

  • Mr. Klimkin, who assured the Luxembourg authorities of the democratic reforms in Ukraine should ensure the safety of Anriy Dovbenko and his immediate release. Mr. Klimkin should provide him with clear pass to selected EU country for Mr.Dovbenko and his associates in case of any doubts about his life, health and freedom prospects. It is a matter of your personal accountability. Failing to comply will imminently lead to the grief consequences to your own image as a foreign minister.
  • LuxHerald will continue to publish the forthcoming Leaks data on the corruption in Ukraine including data in principles of the blind trust management, and two mysterious companies opened on behalf of Mr.Groysman’s government.

Photo: TSN.ua, Neocleous.com.