Luxembourg: the first PM’s gay marriage in EU

Xavier Bettel

The head of government 42-year-old Xavier Bettel was legalized relationship with the Belgian architect, 39-year-old Gauthier, Destine, which consisted in a civil marriage in 2010.

The opportunity to have that relationship with the Prime Minister of Luxembourg appeared after the relevant law was adopted in June 2014, came into force on 1 January this year. In Europe the “pioneer” was the Prime Minister of Iceland Johanna Sigurdardottir in 2010.

“I wish everyone to be as happy as we are today! Thank you people of Monaco and everyone, absolutely everyone!” said Bettel right after the ceremony.

Among those invited to the wedding was the Prime Minister of Belgium Charles Michel:

“What can I say? We all are in good spirits, we experience joy and happiness, and this is important!”

The ceremony was also spotted Franco-Luxembourgish journalist and secular commentator Stephane Bern:
“The fact that he was the Prime Minister, the rest of this message, given that in some EU countries the rise of homophobia”.

Currently gay marriage is allowed in nine of the 28 countries of the EU and in two non-community European countries – Norway and Iceland.

Luxembourg citizens could not hide his joy:

“This will be a turning point for the future, because their example will show others that it is not necessary to be afraid,” the woman says.

“Someone, perhaps it is bothering, but will not please everyone. Everyone has their own opinion on this matter, the main thing is that they are happy! And yet – we are talking about the freedom of our country,” adds another.

A referendum on the legalization of gay marriage will take place next Friday in Ireland. “Green island” will be the first country deciding this question with the help of the popular will.