Luxembourg Environment Department Calls on Public to Report Dead Foxes

Luxembourg’s Department of the Environment has announced that it has decided to increase the number of dead foxes scientifically analysed annually.

Previously, the number of foxes investigated amounted to 30-40 per year. Now, the government aims at investigating 100-150 per year. In order to be able to carry out the sampling nationwide, the nature management, the veterinary administration and the health department are asking members of the public to report to them in the case of finding a dead fox (e.g. a fox that has been run over by a car) by tel: 402201-522 from 07:00-17:00 on week-days.

The public is urged to contact the number as soon as they come across a dead fox, so that the carcasses arrive as fresh as possible to the laboratory. The animal should not be moved from where it was found. It will be collected by the Nature Agency.