Luxembourg residents still love to travel

love to travel

Grand Duchy residents still love to travel, according to the latest Statec survey.

Around 83 percent of the resident population has made at least one trip abroad in 2015. One-third of the travel is for pure leisure, while about one in four trips are made to visit relatives or acquaintances. And one out of five travel more for cultural reasons.

Of the total of around 389,000 travelers in 2015, some 1.5 million trips were made of at least one night each. This corresponds to an average of just under four trips per person.

Around 20% of trips are made alone, compared with 40% as a couple and 17% for groups of three to four people. Approximately 27% of trips are made with children.
France and Germany among the favourites

The most popular destinations in 2015 were France followed by Germany, at 21 and 19%, respectively.

Following the two favourites were Spain and Belgium (8% and 7%), then Italy and Portugal (6% each). Austria, Britain, the Netherlands and Switzerland complete the list of the top ten most popular destinations.

In terms of spending, Luxembourg residents are paying on average 750 euros per person per trip, with more than half the number of trips made by car.

A third of Luxembourg took the plane, while only 10%choose the train.

Of the 80,000 non-travelers who prefer to stay at home, almost one-third do so for health reasons. Professional and financial reasons are also cited (14%). Only 3% of Luxembourgers do not leave their city for security reasons.