Wada suspends Anti-Doping laboratory in Rio

laboratory in Rio

The laboratory in Rio may not have any blood showing and urine samples to analyze. As WADA announced on Friday, has been imposed the suspension of accreditation due to “a non-conformity with the International Standard for laboratories (ISL)”.

The current WADA Boss David Howman spoke to new Zealand media of “quite disturbing” problems, apparently of a technical nature, which led to the drastic step – and time is of the essence.

Other labs do the work

Studies, the plan should be in the laboratory of Rio carried out, be carried out until further notice of other facilities with the WADA-accreditation worldwide. WADA, which had previously suspended under any other laboratories in Moscow and Lisbon, to ensure that the samples are safely and timely transported.

“In the meantime, the WADA with the Rio lab will work closely together to solve the detected Problem”, was quoted by the prospective WADA Director General Olivier Niggli in a Statement. He assured that the barrier will only be lifted when the laboratory is operating optimally, and that “the best solution is created, to ensure that the investigation of the samples for the Olympic and Paralympic games in Rio is not reliable.”
Not for the first Time problems

The laboratory, in which around 5000 Olympic-samples should be analysed, not for the first Time problems. Already during the football world Cup in 2014, the samples from Brazil were sent for immense cost across the Atlantic to a laboratory in Lausanne, Switzerland, because of the WADA of the institution in Rio de Janeiro had withdrawn in August 2013 due to irregularities in the approval.

Only in the past year at a state University established quality control laboratory to costly repairs and the training of more than 90 control was admitted to your. Around 200 million Real (EUR 53 million) has been invested in order to meet the claims.

An objection may be lodged

The laboratory has been informed in accordance with WADA’s information on Wednesday about the decision and may appeal within three weeks of the appeal to the court of arbitration for sport CAS. The lock is initially valid for six months or until the WADA Executive Board after Review by a disciplinary Committee makes a decision.