Michael Engbork becomes new Chairman of CSV International

Michael Engbork Michael Engbork

Michael Engbork, a 53-year-old Danish father-of-two and member of the CSV since 2003, has become the new chairman of CSV International.

CSV International is a sub-section of Luxembourg’s christian-social people’s party for members who don’t speak Luxembourgish. They provide a platform for those, regardless of nationality, who would like to participate in the political dialogue in Luxembourg.

Non-Luxembourgers residing in the Grand Duchy will be able to vote in the upcoming communal elections in October 2017.

“We foreigners in Luxembourg make up 47% of the population, and it is vital that we take responsibility for our country’s future and participate in political decision-making,” Michael Engbork said.

He finds it important to engage the foreign population in Luxembourgish politics, not only for the upcoming local elections, but in general. “It truly is an excellent way to promote integration and inclusion,” he said.

Pierre Da Silva is stepping down as chairman of CSV International but remains in the executive committee as Deputy Chairman, Oliver Guérin as Secretary with Rachid Echafaqi as Deputy.