UK Seeks Comprehensive Security and Law-Enforcement Partnership with EU Post-Brexit

In a newly released paper, the UK has announced its desire for a new comprehensive security, law enforcement and criminal justice partnership with the EU after Brexit.

The British government has stated in its latest future partnership paper its intention to agree on a special partnership with the EU regarding security and law enforcement in order to fight the two parties’ shared threats from terrorism and organised crime. The aim would be to build upon the already-existing internal security cooperation between the UK and the EU.

The paper calls for a comprehensive model for cooperation between the UK and EU on security, law enforcement and criminal justice in addition to outlining the British government’s three core objectives for these new arrangements; these are protecting the safety and security of citizens and upholding justice in the UK and the EU, maintaining the closest and most cooperative partnerships between the two parties and continuing to cooperate on the basis of their shared democratic values and respect for the rule of law.

The paper also deals with the potential for a new security treaty between the UK and EU after Brexit to provide a legal basis for continued working.